Cooler Master Keys Keyboard Review


This keyboard still fails to disappoint me after a few weeks of using it. Yes, it may not have the full fat mechanical MX copies that other keyboards have, which may be a deal breaker at this price, but for £43, you cannot beat the amount this product offers in terms of the features and customisation.

The unboxing experience was described in my mouse review, which it was pleasant for the price, no complaints here. The mouse is part of a bundle with the keyboard. The keyboard comes with an nondetachable USB type A cable to be plugged in to your PC. The instruction manual can be improved on however, with the listings of how to change the colour and mode of the keyboard not being entirely clear, in comparison to the keyboard’s instructions.

My experience

The keys themselves is what i will try and focus on in this review. The keys are called ‘mem chanical’ by Cooler master, which as it suggests, is a mixture of mechanical and membrane switches. Luckily, you can remove the keycaps, so if you aren’t fond of the (in my opinion) quite nice looking keycaps, you can replace them, and they are compatible with all Cherry MX keycaps, for those that like to have their budget keyboard with custom keycaps.

The actual typing experience is what you would expect from a keyboard with ‘mem chanical’ switches. The keyboard still provides a satisfying keypress, although not as much as a real mechanical keyboard, although it is much quieter than my Gran vela keyboard, or any regular Cherry MX switches.

The colours of the keyboard have seriously exceeded my expectations, further than any other aspect of the keyboard bundle. The colours control can be controlled, with the wave effect being the only control, and no brightness controls unfortunately. However, apart from that, individual colours can be set to the keyboard, and the ‘flow’ mode is really similar to a 16.8 million colour keyboard.


This keyboard can be found off Amazon for £43 and is going up quickly, and is not available in the United States.

Amazon (UK):

This keyboard is definitely worth buying. If you are looking for a reasonable typing experience, along with amazing customization of the keyboard which is good to heqa



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