Whats The Best Browser (PC Edition)

Whats The Best Browser (PC Edition)

To twist up the usual scheme of reviews, for the next week I will be evaluating what browser is the best to use, firstly on the PC. S, what are the options? I will also be going through the mainstream three browsers, as it would not be possible to go through every single browser, as there too many to go through in one post.

With Windows 10, you have another choice: Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer (IE), Edge. For now Edge is only available on Windows 10.  I will be doing this post based on Windows 10. Google chrome, and Mozilla FIrefox are also options.

In real world benchmarks, here are the results. I amusing the current latest build of windows as of April 2017, build 19903.

I checked to see how well each browser complies with today’s web standard: HTML 5. This “test” isn’t a benchmark as such. It just shows how close each browser comes to being in sync with the HTML 5 standard. A perfect score, which no one got, would have been 550.

Chrome took home the gold by a nose over Opera, 521 to 520. Firefox came in third with a score of 468 and Edge was fourth with 453. Coming in dead last,  was IE, 343.


This test is a benchmark for the browsers that I will be testing.  it encompasses all aspects of browser performance and everything that matters to web developers, like performance of layout and local storage. Once more, on this benchmark, the higher the score the better.

On this performance test, Chrome dominated and took names with a total of 175.73. For once, IE didn’t make a fool of itself. It took the bronze with 117.78. Firefox took fourth place with 115.13. Oddly enough Edge turned in its worse score on this benchmark: 102.23.

If you would like extensive testing of the browsers, then I highly suggest you check out this article: http://www.zdnet.com/article/whats-the-best-windows-10-web-browser-the-benchmarks-are-in/ Nevertheless, I am not going to focus on benchmarks only, pureply because they are not everything.

How Do The Browsers Look?

Out of the three browsers, Edge gives off a clean approach, with customisation limited with the functionality, with extensions not available on that platform. Google chrome is the only browser that offers extensions, and extensive theme changing, making it the obvious browser to choose for most people if they are looking for a good looking customisable, fast browser.



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