Cooler Master Lite RGB Mouse Review


This mouse has been my daily driver away from the MX master mouse that i have been using for the past few months. The mouse, first of all comes as a bundle, and it is very obvious that costs were cut for the mouse to have RGB, in the build department. The mouse feels noticeably cheap in the hand, but not uncomfortable. Luckily, the mouse is also ambidextrous, though I would mention that before I start the review.

In the Box

The mouse is part of a bundle with the keyboard to be reviewed in another post. The mouse comes with an nondetachable USB type A cable to be plugged in to your PC. The instruction manual can be improved on however, with the listings of how to change the colour of the mouse not being entirely clear, in comparison to the keyboard’s instructions.

The RGB, and Use

In regards to the comfortabilty of the mouse, at this price point, is astonishing. The mouse provides good resting spots for your thumb, which for me is the make or break point of a mouse. On the point where your thumb rests there are two arrows , perfectly placed so that when you are on google chrome, you can easily go back a page, or forward. The mouse has an adjustable DPI sensor, which i also found to be very useful.

The RGB lights is very cheaply made, but Cooler Master have enabled the lights to provide a wide range of colours.


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