Cooler Master RGB Keyboard Bundle First Impressions

Cooler Master RGB Keyboard Bundle First Impressions


Firstly, for the active readers of the site, I really apologise for not posting in 4 days, due to multiple reasons. But I am back, with more posts to come. This keyboard has in general blown me away, with the extremely low price of £38 when I bought it (Now £42), and what the product offers to the user. The keyboard has the closest to the full RGB spectrum as it gets for this price point, as most keyboards at this price don’t offer back lighting, or if they do, the colour is stuck like that.

Unboxing, and First Hand Experience

Unboxing the product, the box firstly has had a reasonable amount of effort put to the packaging of the items. In the title, it does mention that this is a bundle, which indeed, I can report that it is. Nicely wrapped up is the keyboard, and the mouse. In the hand the mouse feels a bit on the plastic side, however in my limited time of usage, is still very comfortable. There is a back and forward buttons on the mouse, along with an on the fly button to change the DPI (sensitivity) of the mouse.

The keyboard so far has been good. Cooler Master have decided to implement their signature ‘mem-chanical” switches, which are exactly what they sound like. The keys are removable, and a lot quieter than normal mechanical switches, while retaining most of the satisfying key strokes that a mechanical keyboard provides.

As you fully exert the keys, there is no hard surface for the edges of the key to touch, which adds to the quietness of the keyboard, but I prefer my keyboards loud, while retaining a solid mainframe. I will talk about the RGB, and other features, in my full review later this week.


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