iPhone SE Tempered Glass Protector REview


Here is the review of the counterpart from Utmury, with their iPhone SE model or 5s/5. I firstly must mention that the biggest gripe I had with this product, is that with the wipes provided to clean the screens, don’t completely clean the phone, which is really annoying. Also, I was unlucky enough to get a screen protector that was damaged, despite the package coming with 2.

Unboxing the product, the experience is the exact same as other screen protector s that i have bought and used in the past, with a misleading box, and also without instructions, as the other screen protectors. There are 2 dry wipes, 2 wet wipes, dust removal sticker, and 4 guidance stickers, all of which is nothing special at this price point, now proven with the likes of Anker, and other phone accessory manufacturers.

I was very disappointed to find that one of the glass protectors were damaged during shipping. I don’t think this is due to the packaging, as all of the products of this calibre have this packaging type, but that is a general weakness that needs to be improved in order to prevent damage to the items. I will state here, that I will not be needing a replacement however, the one screen protector is doing me just fine.

How does this glass protector perform? Admirably, in fact. This is your bog standard glass protector, so doesn’t have any fancy marketing terms to try and get you to buy the product. With no special features, this screen protector does still have excellent scratch resistance, surviving my keys, razors, and knifes. Installing the screen protector was easy enough, I have had enough practice, so I didn’t need to use the guidance stickers. I have had no problems with the screen protector covering the whole screen, as it is a benefit of the iPhone SE having a completely flat front screen.

Availability And Specs

This screen protector is available from both the UK and US Amazon websites. Note that IdealReviews is a participator in the Amazon Affiliate scheme.

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

The specifications, I don’t feel are necessary to add to this review, it adds a negligible amount of weight to your phone, and it covers the whole screen.

Pros, Cons, and Final Verdict

Comes with 2 screen protectors
Scratch resistant
damaged in shipping
NO instruction manual

To conclude this review, accessory companies need to improve the quality of packaging, in order to reduce the chances of damaged items being received by customers. Otherwise, I am pleased.


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