Month: April 2017

Cooler Master Keys Keyboard Review


This keyboard still fails to disappoint me after a few weeks of using it. Yes, it may not have the full fat mechanical MX copies that other keyboards have, which may be a deal breaker at this price, but for £43, you cannot beat the amount this product offers in terms of the features and customisation.

The unboxing experience was described in my mouse review, which it was pleasant for the price, no complaints here. The mouse is part of a bundle with the keyboard. The keyboard comes with an nondetachable USB type A cable to be plugged in to your PC. The instruction manual can be improved on however, with the listings of how to change the colour and mode of the keyboard not being entirely clear, in comparison to the keyboard’s instructions.

My experience

The keys themselves is what i will try and focus on in this review. The keys are called ‘mem chanical’ by Cooler master, which as it suggests, is a mixture of mechanical and membrane switches. Luckily, you can remove the keycaps, so if you aren’t fond of the (in my opinion) quite nice looking keycaps, you can replace them, and they are compatible with all Cherry MX keycaps, for those that like to have their budget keyboard with custom keycaps.

The actual typing experience is what you would expect from a keyboard with ‘mem chanical’ switches. The keyboard still provides a satisfying keypress, although not as much as a real mechanical keyboard, although it is much quieter than my Gran vela keyboard, or any regular Cherry MX switches.

The colours of the keyboard have seriously exceeded my expectations, further than any other aspect of the keyboard bundle. The colours control can be controlled, with the wave effect being the only control, and no brightness controls unfortunately. However, apart from that, individual colours can be set to the keyboard, and the ‘flow’ mode is really similar to a 16.8 million colour keyboard.


This keyboard can be found off Amazon for £43 and is going up quickly, and is not available in the United States.

Amazon (UK):

This keyboard is definitely worth buying. If you are looking for a reasonable typing experience, along with amazing customization of the keyboard which is good to heqa


Whats The Best Browser (PC Edition)

Whats The Best Browser (PC Edition)

To twist up the usual scheme of reviews, for the next week I will be evaluating what browser is the best to use, firstly on the PC. S, what are the options? I will also be going through the mainstream three browsers, as it would not be possible to go through every single browser, as there too many to go through in one post.

With Windows 10, you have another choice: Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer (IE), Edge. For now Edge is only available on Windows 10.  I will be doing this post based on Windows 10. Google chrome, and Mozilla FIrefox are also options.

In real world benchmarks, here are the results. I amusing the current latest build of windows as of April 2017, build 19903.

I checked to see how well each browser complies with today’s web standard: HTML 5. This “test” isn’t a benchmark as such. It just shows how close each browser comes to being in sync with the HTML 5 standard. A perfect score, which no one got, would have been 550.

Chrome took home the gold by a nose over Opera, 521 to 520. Firefox came in third with a score of 468 and Edge was fourth with 453. Coming in dead last,  was IE, 343.


This test is a benchmark for the browsers that I will be testing.  it encompasses all aspects of browser performance and everything that matters to web developers, like performance of layout and local storage. Once more, on this benchmark, the higher the score the better.

On this performance test, Chrome dominated and took names with a total of 175.73. For once, IE didn’t make a fool of itself. It took the bronze with 117.78. Firefox took fourth place with 115.13. Oddly enough Edge turned in its worse score on this benchmark: 102.23.

If you would like extensive testing of the browsers, then I highly suggest you check out this article: Nevertheless, I am not going to focus on benchmarks only, pureply because they are not everything.

How Do The Browsers Look?

Out of the three browsers, Edge gives off a clean approach, with customisation limited with the functionality, with extensions not available on that platform. Google chrome is the only browser that offers extensions, and extensive theme changing, making it the obvious browser to choose for most people if they are looking for a good looking customisable, fast browser.


Cooler Master Lite RGB Mouse Review


This mouse has been my daily driver away from the MX master mouse that i have been using for the past few months. The mouse, first of all comes as a bundle, and it is very obvious that costs were cut for the mouse to have RGB, in the build department. The mouse feels noticeably cheap in the hand, but not uncomfortable. Luckily, the mouse is also ambidextrous, though I would mention that before I start the review.

In the Box

The mouse is part of a bundle with the keyboard to be reviewed in another post. The mouse comes with an nondetachable USB type A cable to be plugged in to your PC. The instruction manual can be improved on however, with the listings of how to change the colour of the mouse not being entirely clear, in comparison to the keyboard’s instructions.

The RGB, and Use

In regards to the comfortabilty of the mouse, at this price point, is astonishing. The mouse provides good resting spots for your thumb, which for me is the make or break point of a mouse. On the point where your thumb rests there are two arrows , perfectly placed so that when you are on google chrome, you can easily go back a page, or forward. The mouse has an adjustable DPI sensor, which i also found to be very useful.

The RGB lights is very cheaply made, but Cooler Master have enabled the lights to provide a wide range of colours.

Cooler Master RGB Keyboard Bundle First Impressions

Cooler Master RGB Keyboard Bundle First Impressions


Firstly, for the active readers of the site, I really apologise for not posting in 4 days, due to multiple reasons. But I am back, with more posts to come. This keyboard has in general blown me away, with the extremely low price of £38 when I bought it (Now £42), and what the product offers to the user. The keyboard has the closest to the full RGB spectrum as it gets for this price point, as most keyboards at this price don’t offer back lighting, or if they do, the colour is stuck like that.

Unboxing, and First Hand Experience

Unboxing the product, the box firstly has had a reasonable amount of effort put to the packaging of the items. In the title, it does mention that this is a bundle, which indeed, I can report that it is. Nicely wrapped up is the keyboard, and the mouse. In the hand the mouse feels a bit on the plastic side, however in my limited time of usage, is still very comfortable. There is a back and forward buttons on the mouse, along with an on the fly button to change the DPI (sensitivity) of the mouse.

The keyboard so far has been good. Cooler Master have decided to implement their signature ‘mem-chanical” switches, which are exactly what they sound like. The keys are removable, and a lot quieter than normal mechanical switches, while retaining most of the satisfying key strokes that a mechanical keyboard provides.

As you fully exert the keys, there is no hard surface for the edges of the key to touch, which adds to the quietness of the keyboard, but I prefer my keyboards loud, while retaining a solid mainframe. I will talk about the RGB, and other features, in my full review later this week.