GT Omega Racing Chair Review (2017)

GT Omega Racing Chair Review (2017)


If you are in need of my first impressions, they can be found here. Otherwise, here ids the full review. This chair has been mine to use and test for the past 2 weeks, and I am very impressed. The comfort of the chair is firm at first, but tends to improve after a week or so, with the stiffness wearing away after that point. The chair, is specifically designed to simulate that of a racing chair, providing comfort, but not eh couch like experience that you would get with other chairs.

I can’t get the chair to get to a really tall height, something that is easily solved by going for the XL model of this chair, of which I have heard great things in terms of the height adjustment.

Comfort And Experience

The comfort can be assessed by me to a degree, and that it is firm, and won’t suit you if you are the kind the person that likes a couch like experience in their chair. This chair is meant to replicate a racing chair, which obviously won’t feel like your bed’s mattress. The part of the chair that your butt is resting on is comfortable enough for sessions up to around 7 hours, after that, starts to get a bit itchy, which in all honesty is the best I can describe it, as I am coming from a chair that got uncomfortable in less than 40 minutes.

I am really utilising the 170 degree leaning back feature, which in my opinion is well implemented, and the lever for the height adjustment and the rocking is located on the right side, which I have so far found no problems with locating. One issue that has arose is the height adjustment however.

The back section of the chair includes lumbar support, which is really nice, especially if you have lower back problems, which I do not have, but from what I have heard, those with lower back problems really like this chair. The support is removable, and is in a way, adjustable. In regards to the head support, this is not adjustable, as it just straps to the chair, which I am sure can be improved in the next iteration of this chair.

Furthermore, the chair does tend to hug the larger users on the shoulders, which is preference, but I am on the skinnier side of the spectrum, meaning that the curved in sides of the chair don’t really keep me in the chair. The arm rests, are arguable one of my favourite things I like of the chair, having more customisation than chairs triple it’s price point.


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