2017 So Far In Technology

2017 So Far In Technology

I could have named this, Q1 in technology, but I decided I would stick with the current title. This year has blazed past, and we are already a quarter past in the year. So what has changed in the past year so far?

Most arguably, the most exciting launch has been that of Ryzen, as it definitely had the hype train coming onto it, as it really was the make or break year for AMD, to get rid of the monopolised industry that the CPU market has become, with Intel completely dominating the playing field for the past decade.

The CPU line up has first started with Ryzen 7, the enthusiast level CPU’s that many people, like me, won’t be able to get their hands on. These CPU’s have actually been able to compete with the likes of the 6800K, at much cheaper prices. This has resulted in reduced pricing from Intel, which means in general, there should be more competitive prices for this generation of CPU’s from both Intel and AMD.

The phone market, has unfortunately, in my opinion, been very stagnant in the past three years. This is partly because people are less motivated than ever before to get the latest and greatest, if the phone upgrade will result in little performance gains. If you look at the iPhone 6, released in 2014, and the iPhone 7, released in 2016, there isn’t much difference in the grand scheme of things, that the average user cares about. The lack in performance gains of smartphones, can be blamed party for how small computer parts are, and having to continously make them more powerful is getting harder and harder.

The HTC U Ultra was released in March, and quite frankly, was a complete flop from my perspective. The phone is 8mm thick, and is much bigger than the biggest phones out there, and has a measly 3000mAh battery, which perfectly quoted by Marques Brownlee, ” A poor use of space”. The phone also was released just before the new Snapdragon processors were due to come out, resulting in the phone being the same in regards to performance as the phones released in late 2016.

This year is looking promising in the world of tech, I decided to cover two main things in detail, instead of going over many things in less detail.


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