GT Omega Racing Chair First Impressions

GT Omega Racing Chair First Impressions

Much of what I said in the unboxing and installation of the product holds true, 2 days into my testing, enough time I am sure, to give my first impressions on this chair. I have been writing the posts on this website for the past day and a bit on this chair, and I have to say, I am impressed.The chair is slightly on the firm side, which is OK, as I am sure it will be more ‘cushiony’ around a few weeks down the line (from what I have heard).

Photo 22-03-2017, 17 15 54

I am really utilising the 170 degree leaning back feature, which in my opinion is well implemented, and the lever for the height adjustment and the rocking is located on the right side, which I have so far found no problems with locating. One issue that has arose is the height adjustment however.

I can’t get the chair to get to a really tall height, something that is easily solved by going for the XL model of this chair, of which I have heard great things in terms of the height adjustment. Although, going for the XL model will mean you have to fork out around £50 extra for the improved height adjustment and weight support, as this model supports up to 120kg, which I am well under.

As this is a racing chair, I will of course take this into account in my full review. However, I will try my best to relate how well the chair does at simulating a real racing chair that you would get in a car.


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