Gt Omega Racing Chair Unboxing

Gt Omega Racing Chair Unboxing

This chair I just received today in most likely heaviest box I have ever received. I took it to my bedroom, to then unbox. Please note, there was too much top say about the installation and unboxing of this chair, so I will have to make three posts on this item.

As I got out my handy blade to unbox the item, the box was nothing fancy, and frankly, at this scale, it would have been a huge waste of money if the packaging was really fancy. All you need at this scale is the basics, and protection so the item won’t be damaged during transport. The GT Omega chair ticks all these boxes, which is good to see.

Taking open the box, the back side of the chair is visible, of which I then took out. I then proceeded to take out my phone, and time exactly how long the installation will take of the device. I had no problems installing the chair, however the instructions are very vague, which is quite a major con of the building process. I then put the wheels together, and placed the bottom section on top, etc. Overall, the building process took an hour and 10 minutes, which should be the time that anybody should install it, as I spent some time fumbling around with the instructions, and

For the mid section, there is a lever that need to be attached, and 99% of complaints I heard before buying the chair was this. Installing it is fine, but when you place the plastic casing on top of the mechanism for the rocking, you have to unscrew one of the pre mounted screws, which is really annoying, as this isn’t stated in the instructions.

Once I sat in the chair, I was completely blown away, most likely because I was previously sitting in a chair that was 20 years old.


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