IdealReviews Update (How I started this Website)

This is another way of saying that i have ran out of ideas, and items to review, the situation I was hoping I would never find myself in. So I thought it would be appropriate to go over the website, for the minority that are reading this article.

I have now been writing reviews regularly for the past 6 months, and I will be honest in saying that it has changed my life. It first started with me posting some slightly better than average reviews on Amazon, and then all of a sudden companies contacted me, and started to send me some products for me to review. Six months later, I am still in the same situation, reviewing every bit of technology there is in my house.

For the first few months, admittedly, I was visiting my website to simply look at it, and to boost the in built stats that WordPress provides to me, resulting in the demographics heavily slanted towards the United Kingdom.

Then, as the months progressed, more and more people stumbled across my reviews, with around 120 countries who have somebody who has seen my website, which is absolutely amazing. Every single month, the amount of visitors coming to my website keeps on increasing, which is very encouraging.

Now for the updates. This website is now totalling 6,000 views. In August, I am heavily considering whether I should migrate the site to, as it provides more flexibility in the form of the website.

In other words, i am saying that I am limited by, as I can’t change the fundamentals of the site, of which will make it look different, hopefully better. The website has been looking more or less the same for the past 3 months, which will change. SO I am really hoping that you the viewer can suggest ideas of what this website’s next steps should be.


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