Veryfit iPhone App Review

Veryfit iPhone App Review


Believe it or not, the app has some complexity to it, quite surprisingly, for a device that costs less than £30. The app is reasonably well laid out, with no ambiguity to find basic things like step count, and it is represented to you in a good manner. As soon as you open the app, you are met with a modern looking UI, with a sunset background, which is fitting.


Further diving into the software, Veryfit chooses not to go for the classic side menu, but instead opts for a bottom menu, of which is easy to see and isn’t ambiguous in any sort of way. Moving on to the details section, here is where you can find much more information about the amount of the steps you are taking, with a helpful graph to demonstrate it.

You can see your averages here, which is useful. Although, the placing of different texts isn’t as flawless as the home page. It takes a second to scroll between graphs of different days, which is frustrating to say the least. The whole app is unfortunately like that, something that I’m sure can easily be fixed.

Moving on further, I am not sure why the next menu section is called ‘Device’, as here is essentially the settings, where you can turn off notifications for different alerts. On this page, there are useful thing integrated into the app, like finding your phone, and an anti lost alert.

Pros And Cons

Modern Looking UI

Looks good

Lacks responsiveness

Overall, I do like this app. It does what it needs to, while looking good. It isn’t as if you are going to spend a lot of time on the app anyway, as you would most likely be just checking for 5 minutes, and be off, so the responsiveness issue may not affect you as much.


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