Should You Buy Spotify Premium?

Should You Buy Spotify Premium?


Here is the review and advisory post for if you should go for Spotify premium. The software has constantly been improving throughout the years, and it has become one of the most dominant music platforms in 2017. SO it is more compelling than ever to go for the £10 a moth price tag? I would say yes, although it of course depends on your situation.

Here’s why you should go for it. Spotify out of all the platforms offers the same amount of songs as the other main listening platforms, at around 30 million, slightly less than Amazon’s selection, although I have personally never found any music that I listen on Amazon that I can’t find on Spotify.

Another compelling reason that I found to go for Spotify is the layout of the app. The app is seamless with my PC and my iPhone, and I can easily switch from listening to my PC and to my phone, something that isn’t offered on other platforms. The app on the phone never crashes, and I seem to have a soft spot for the night mode of the app, on the PC and mobile, giving it a modern look, at least in my opinion.


The quality of the sound (the stream quality), is roughly that of others apart from Pandora, which costs £20 a month, for the real audiophiles who want the absolute best quality, however it suffers from the 20 Million song choice. If you are a student, lucky you, since by downloading Unidays, like what I have, then you can get the monthly cost down to £5 a month, perhaps Spotify know that students have no money?

Now for the negatives. Ever since that Apple Music came about, all of the exclusives are now put onto Apple Music around a week before it releases to Spotify, and I can tell you personally in my experience that this issue has affected me. Knowing that some of my friends can listen to a long awaited album from an artist before me is a bit frustrating, and I am sure that you will also come across this at some point.

Also, the app doesn’t offer the option to download a music file as an MP3, so compatibility is only limited with devices with Spotify, which is pretty much every device with an internet connection. However, this feature not being available may be a deal breaker, if you like to have your music on a memory stick, or the like.

To conclude this review, should you subscribe to Spotify Premium? It depends unfortunately. You should consider how much you are going to use the platform, otherwise it will act like an unused gym membership.


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