Is The GTX 1080Ti Worth It?

Is The GTX 1080Ti Worth It?

I unfortunately can’t get a hands on the GTX 1080Ti, purely because of the insane price of $700! Although, I have done ample research, so hopefully my opinion on whether you should buy the product or not is relevant to you. With that out the way, let’s begin.

Nvidia claim that this graphics card is 35% faster than the 1080, of which, all of the major tech reviewers have found out that to be around 20%, varying significantly from game to game. Although, the £700 asking price for non enthusiasts is a lot of money, with that, you can buy a full on gaming PC, or an iPhone 7+. Nvidia, however is still true to it’s word when they said its the fastest graphics card out there, period.

It is around 3% faster in terms of FPS ahead of the Titan XP, which costs a mind boggling £1100. For £400 less, you are essentially getting the best of the best, with the only drawback being that the Titan XP owners were the early adopters of the 4K 60 fps experience. However, this release essentially makes the Titan XP irrelevant.

In regards to pricing, you will see a drop after the demand of the card has dropped down. if i were you, from what i have seen, I wouldn’t recommend going for the founder’s edition, and instead wait until April to get the 3rd party cards with better cooling options, in order to provide more overclocking headroom, making the purchase in the more justifiable.

Nvidia have removed the DVI port of the Ti, claiming it will provide better thermals, as there is more surface area for the exhausted air to escape. The 1080Ti is substantially quieter than the 1080, although I wouldn’t go as far as to believe the claim of doubled airflow due to the increased area for the exhaust.

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Internally there’s an improved seven-phase 2x dual-FET power design for cleaner power with less heat, which does a good job of feeding the GTX 1080 Ti’s 250W TDP via its 8-pin and 6-pin PCIe power connectors. This leads to better efficiency, with more performance with the same power demands.


Hopefully the table above should help in comparing the specifications for the GPU.  Overall, to conclude, I would definitely say that you should wait until the 3rd party cards are released, just so you can brag to your friends that you can get the best frames out of any graphics card.


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