Ltrop RGB Light Strip Review

Ltrop RGB Light Strip Review


You get two separate strips, a 4 pin connector to get them in sync, a absurdly large power supply, the remote, and a piece of paper demonstrating how it works. Installing the lights were easy enough, something that should be very self explanatory to the consumer, so I am not annoyed that a manual wasn’t included.

For the first few days, I decided to give one of my strips to my dad, and straight away after installing, he noticed that a colour change at the bottom 3 LED’s. They were always a different colour, no matter what you choose on the remote. However with that strip, at least everything functioned properly. The remote on both strips functioned as usual, with the colours being displayed except for the 3 LED’s being

A big problem I cam into after that, a few days after, is the strip I installed behind my bed suddenly stopped being bright. It gave off a really dull red colour, which I am not a fan of, since that meant you couldn’t see the light behind the bed. Perhaps I have received a faulty product, but nonetheless, I am very disappointed in my use of this product.


I really wish that these lights did function well, but I will update the review if Ltrop get back to me in a few days after the review being posted, otherwise it will remain negative.

Availability And Specs

These LED strips are available off Amazon  for £18/$20:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

Also, the specs can be found below:

  • [All in one kit] 
  • [Waterproof IP65] 
  • [Ideal for decoration] 
  • [Easy Installation & Use] 

Pros And Cons

  • Extremely affordable
  • Colours are accurate
  • One of the strips doesn’t function properly
  • There is a fault in the bottom three LED strips
  • Hard to bend

Overall, I am not impressed with these lights. The faults may be down to chance, however those faults seriously affected my experience of the product. What good I could recommend to you however, is that these lights for length per £ is really good compared to the competition, essentially, by buying these lights, you are getting more bang for your buck.



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