Ltrop RGB Strips First Impressions

Ltrop RGB Strips First Impressions


My first few days with these lights have been mixed. These lights come with 2 sets of 5m LED strips, with the usual 44 key remote. What I am very impressed with is how I was getting 10m of LED strips, for only £20, usually the price for 5m strips is £14. The price per M would therefor before be much higher, which is nice to see from Ltrop.


Taking apart the packaging, it is clear that costs have been cut because there isn’t even a box that it comes in. The lights are inside some see through plastic, which should make it fine for transport, if you are buying from a place like Amazon. You get two separate strips, a 4 pin connector to get them in sync, a absurdly large power supply, the remote, and a piece of paper demonstrating how it works.


Installation of these strips is simple enough, if you have never come across these before. If you have however, it is exactly the same in terms of installation. However, it does make it a bit more difficult bending around ridges and the 90 degree angles in general, purely because of the extra protection on the strips, adding more rigidity to the lights. I have only spent a few days in usage, so I cannot report all of my findings in this, as it’s only what I see of the product after installation. But so far, so good.


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