MH iPhone 6/6s/7 Glass Screen Protector Review

MH iPhone 6/6s/7 Glass Screen Protector Review


Clearly based on the title, I am not going to do a first impressions post for a screen protector, that would be on the ludicrous side on my part. This screen protector’s main selling points is that it covers the whole screen, despite the 2.5D glass that is on the iPhone 6 and on wards.

Unboxing And Experience

The unboxing of this product was very simple. The screen protector is well packaged, with all of the necessary items to clean your phone. Included is two wet wipes, and some dust removal stickers. All is good until you find out there isn’t any guide, to my knowledge, so you that means you have to rely on good hand eye coordination when applying the screen protector.

That is most likely the biggest issue that I stated above, in my experience. The screen has black outer edges, which is nothing that I have seen from a screen protector before. Applying the glass was relatively easy; the process is the same with all screen protectors, and I happen to have reasonable hand eye coordination.

With my Rhinoshield case, my iPhone appears really stealthy, which I really am a fan of.I am also surprised how MH Designs managed to make the screen protector cover the whole screen, without the screen protector sticking out of the phone because of the curved edged screen. Overall, the looks of this protector has impressed me.

Another weakness of this screen protector is the scratch resistance. It obviously will add protection by adding this to your phone, don’t get me wrong, however, it didn’t survive my scratch test with flying colours. I first tested the protector by dropping keys onto the phone ( I want to recreate relatively realistic situations, so I don’t smash the screen with a hammer). Perfectly fine.

I then got the individual key, and scratched the screen as hard as I could, and that was the breaking point for this protector. The scratches were minor, as they were only visible under direct sunlight, however they still exist. Usually, a quality tempered won’t scratch at all from knifes, coins or keys. Perhaps, there is a layer protecting the real glass, I am not sure.

Availability And Specs

This, fortunately is available on Amazon for £6, and I will have to list an alternative the American audience.

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US Alternative):

The specs for the product are found below:

  • Perfect Fit
  • HD Retina Clarity
  • Anti-Scratches .
  • Shatter-Proof
  • Anti-Fingerprint
    Product Dimensions 19.6 x 10.2 x 1 cm

    Pros And Cons

  • Covers the whole screen
  • Stealthy black
  • Adds layer of protection to your phone, (0.25mm)
  • OK Price
  • Vulnerable to microscratches
  • Thickness is 0.25mm

My final verdict on this product, is that it is for those that like a bit more coverage of your phone, as usually protectors for the iPhone 6, and other curved glass phones. Although, that does inevitably make the glass thicker, which I am not a fan off.



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