Yamay Fitness Watch Review

Yamay Fitness Watch Review

It has occurred to me that the two watches that I have been sent are different from one another, and there is one primary difference, this watch is touchscreen. This adds a whole much more to the product, but I will release a comparison, not long after this review is posted. The watch in terms of the comfort is exactly the same as the SW 321 variant.

Unboxing And Experience

The unboxing experience is exactly the same as the previous watch, relatively regular. You get the same experience overall, although I had to look in the manual in order to charge it.


In order to charge the product, you take the watch face out of the strap, and put it into any USB dock, this can cause some inconvenience to the user however, since they can’t plug a cable into the device, and instead have to put it into a USB port ( unless you have some Female USB Type A cables lying around).

What I found while looking at the product listing on Amazon, is that the recommended product section is full of clones, and I can’t be sure who has the original idea of this budget style watch. They even use the same app to function! Anyway, I digress. In my hand the comfort of this device is relatively good as well, considering the price.

It is built out of plastic, which is good for absorbing sweat, but don’t expect to turn heads, as the design of this watch is very subtle. The watch doesn’t get uncomfortable during the day, and the fit is adjustable, which should be expected in all watches. I really like the screen however. Yamay have managed to fit in a substantially bigger screen and resolution into the same form factor as the SW 321, by making the OS scroll vertically.

Battery life is slightly worse than the previous iteration of this product, although the trade offs are definitely made up for with a better screen. The watch lasts consistently around 2 days before having to charge.

Availability And Specifications

I am unsure whether I am linking the correct model, since when I searched the model name of the product, it came with no results, so I will link alternatives, that literally the exact same.

Amazon (UK): http://amzn.to/2mf21LE
Amazon (US): http://amzn.to/2mf1tFF

Specs are also completely unavailable from anywhere, which I am quite disappointed about.

Pros And Cons

More screen real estate compared to previous iterations
Affordable relatively
Extremely good functionality
Relatively comfortable
Compatible with iOS and Android
Degraded battery life
Resolution (impossible to improve at this price)

The product is an improvement over its predecessor, at the same price. the touchscreen capabilities make this device really compelling, at the price offered. It’s a shame however, that you can’t buy this from the original link I was sent, to my knowledge.


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