ZVE iPhone 6s Waterproof Case First Impressions

ZVE iPhone 6s Waterproof Case First Impressions


I was kindly sent out this product by ZVE for me to review. For £14, I was pleasantly surprised in the effort ZVE put out in the packaging, which was nicely displayed in an envolpe like box, which is nice to see.  Installation of the product was simple enough, just use the pry tool in the right corner to take it apart, put the phone in, and put it all together.

Unboxing And Installation

The unboxing experience for £14 was second to none. ZVE are evidently pursuers for high standards, and they have made the experience really enjoyable.  In the box, you find a summarised booklet manual, which isn’t lengthy, the case itself inside some wrapping, a microfiber cloth, and an attachment string for holding the phone.


The installation was easy enough, just take apart the case with the pry tool, put your phone in, line up the mute button with the plastic switch, and place the your phone into the two pieces. ZVE do note that you should check all of the corners and edges to see if the pieces are placed together properly.

Overall First Impressions

My impressions are in fact really good with this product so far, and I see no major fault of it so far, however the test of time will prove if this product can handle my criticisms or not. The phone doesn’t get that much thicker, and it is relatively comfortable in the hand. My waterproof testing in the full review will show you if this case is worthy of your money or not.


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