NZXT Cam Software Review

NZXT Cam Software Review


The NZXT Cam software is one of many PC solutions to keeping your PC quiet and under control. The temperature readings are clearly displayed, and there are other statistics shown as you open the application. The temperature for your CPU and GPU temperature are shown very clearly which is a big plus of this software.idealreviewsgmail-com-dot-apollo-dot-2017-01-07-183054


As soon as you jump into advanced, the whole user friendliness of the basic screen sort f fades away, however, it is in the “advanced” name. Therefore, usually advanced users of their PC will worry about all these numbers.

On this page, it will show you next to everything you need to know about your PC, from how long your hard drives have been on, voltages, CPU individual core temps and more. This is relatively well laid out, and for a non-advanced user, getting used to the software is made relatively simple.



What I really like about this application is the sheer customisation of it, and how you can get it to look how you want. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t allow you take a screenshot while in the settings.

You can change the accent of the software, mine is clearly teal to go with the IdealReviews theme, but you can choose from over 20 preset colours, or the whole RGB spectrum. Simple things like changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Pros And Cons

  • Really user friendly
  • Isn’t very taxing on the CPU
  • Free application
  • Shows most of your PC’s statistics for the advanced users
  • Exceptional customisation
  • The application takes too long to load up from start up
  • As a whole, the statistics shown are slightly off compared to other applications for
  • monitoring.

Final Verdict

So should you use this program as your go to PC monitoring software? This is definitely a piece of software that is worthy to be considered for the average user. However, I will recommend this primarily for it’s user friendliness and the overall looks of it, compared to programs like CPU-Z, which don’t revolve around making the application look good. If you, like many other users, find it a problem not being able to fully load up


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