Yamay Smart Fitness Tracker First Impressions


Yamay kindly sent out their user sent back fitness tracker, of which they sent me two slightly different models. The differences between the models is unknown. The SW 321 model is one of the models clearly listed, and there is also a regular model that I was sent.

In the Box

The boxes are identical on the outside, opening in the magnetic fashion, displaying the watch inside. I am also currently going to review the App as well in the full review, however I may change that at a later date, to review the app separately if the app results in being too lengthy to include in one review. The box is simple to say the least, with the manual only in one of the boxes.

The actual product is quite light on the wrist, making it very discreet for daily use, a big plus. Turning it on.. It it didn’t decide to turn on, so the night I got it, I charged it overnight, and played with it the next day. As soon as I put it on, I came into a major issue however, it is extremely difficult to put on, requiring so much force that you think you may damage the band.

I haven’t of course tested the product, which is why you need to pay attention or subscribe to find out when I write the full review, where you can see my usage of the device, if I would recommend it or not, ( I probably will to an extent, based on how the product is right now) and all of the main pros and cons.


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