Is An Aftermarket CPU Cooler Worth It?

Is An Aftermarket CPU Cooler Worth It?

This question has been asked to me, and many other people who review technology, and those who review PC items as well. Should you buy an Aftermarket cooler? I think the answer is yes, but at the end of this post, you may still disagree with me if you are against anything but the stock cooler.

Any CPU with a K after the numbering will mean it is an overclockable chip. Nowadays, Intel don’t include their stock heat sink with the K chips, mainly because the cooler is useless for overclocking. Although many people do own CPU’s made before 2013, and they all misleadingly come with the stock cooler.


One of the primary reasons why people get an aftermarket cooler for their CPU is sound. Under load, the Intel heat sink is quite loud if you are using an unlocked CPU. By getting something cheap like the Hyper 212 Evo/212X, you put down your noise significantly, while reducing temperatures.


Another huge reason why you may consider an aftermarket cooler is the looks of it. Of course by getting an All in one liquid cooler, you can get things like RGB control like with Corsair’s H100i, and NZXT’s Kraken X62. There really isn’t much to explain in this aspect,  except that it just looks way cooler to have an aftermarket cooler instead of the stock.


Better Temperatures

By buying an air cooler for just £27, you can lower your temperatures of your PC by 20+ degrees in comparison to the stock heat sink. Of course this doesn’t apply to you if your CPU hasn’t got K in the name, like the i3 6300 for example. If you have a locked CPU, the temperatures will be more than in safe operating temperatures. If you’re CPU something like i5 7600K, then you can overclock it, therefor increasing the heat, making it more than necessary to buy an aftermarket cooler.

Those are the primary reasons if you should buy an aftermarket cooler or not. here is a summary of the above:

  • Buy an aftermarket cooler if you like your PC to look nice
  • Get a cheap air cooler if you want to reduce sound in your pc regardless if your CPU has a K in it or not
  • You will get much better temperatures if you are overclocking or not
  • There’s not much need for one if your PC is not unlocked

You can easily find out what model your CPU is by looking at your CPU box, or by looking at your PC model name. Overclocking CPU’s as far as my knowledge do not exist on mobile platforms, due to the mobile processing nature of laptops (they consume less power). Hopefully this post was helpful to you the reader if you need an aftermarket cooler or not.



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