Logitech MX Master First Impressions

I have had to upgrade my wireless mouse that i bought from an airport 3 years ago, to something that will fufill my needs. I searched on eBay, and found this mouse. I cannot assess the unboxing experience, as it is only from the seller that i have bought the product. In the hand, the mouse results in a night and day difference.

It was extremely easy to connect the mouse to my PC, you can either use Bluetooth, or the included dongle, if your PC hasn’t got any Bluetooth capabilities. It is a really convenient feature, for those who may have a laptop, but don’t want to have a USB port occupied by a dongle.

In terms of the comfort, and overall usability of the mouse, I am speechless about it. I have recently got into editing videos, for the website in order to do tutorials, and YouTube reviews, and the horizontal scrolling wheel is a godsend. It cuts down a lot of time, by just using your thumb to scroll in the Premiere timeline.

The looks of the mouse are also second to none, with the general angularity of the mouse, it really is an upgrade from the previous mouse I was using. There’s so many things I need to cover, which is why you need to stay tuned to IdealReviews, to be the first to see the full review of this mouse, and of the software.


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