Best WiFi Card Under £15? TP Link 300Mbps WiFi Card Review

Best WiFi Card Under £15? TP Link 300Mbps WiFi Card Review

I have had plenty of time to test this cheap, but effective product out. I used to have an ethernet connected to my PC, but when that stopped working out for me, I decided to go for a WiFi card. At just £12, this is a steal. However don’t be fooled by the 300mbps speed rating, those aren’t speeds you are actually going to get, just speeds that the card is capable of delivering to you.

In The Box

The unboxing experience was very surprising. For £12, I was generally expecting that the WiFi card would be in an anti-static bag, that’s it. Although when I received the box, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a 3 year warranty included, and detailed setup instructions. This is really good, if somebody who doesn’t know much about PC’s wants to get better WiFi on their computer.


The testing of the product didn’t take long, only around 4 days. The range on this card is exceptional; around the same like a mobile phone, but that couldn’t be completed, as I can’t carry my PC around the house. I was able to get 50 mbps down, and 9mbps up from my card, which is even better than the speeds that I get of other devices.


Installation was easy enough. All I had to do was turn off my PC, plug the Wi-Fi card into the PCI-E slot in my motherboard, and screw on the antennae. Just like that, you have wireless on your PC.The card is very discreet which I like, as it’s green, not at all matching with my PC.


Apart from the colour problems, I have had no issues with this product.

Availability And Specs

This Wi-Fi card is available for purchase for £12.77/$23:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

Specs can be found below:

Item Weight 59 g
Product Dimensions 12.1 x 7.8 x 2.2 cm
Item model number TL-WN881ND (UK)
Processor Count 1
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Wireless Type 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n

Pros And Cons


  • Really good range and speeds
  • Affordable
  • Clear instructions
  • Box well presented


  • The colours are a bit unattractive with the ‘motherboards green’ colour

Final Verdict

To conclude this review, I would definitely recommend this to a friend, if they need a cheap card to get their PC wireless connectivity. The clear instructions make it easy for anyone to get this up and running. the discreet design also allows for it to be put into a windowed PC, and not to be noticeably.



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