Anker PowerCore Mini 3350 First Impressions

Anker PowerCore Mini 3350 First Impressions

This power bank is the most portable one I have ever had the right of owning. The item is just 66g in weight, literally less than your phone’s weight, unless your phone works without a battery. The capacity being 3350mAh, it should charge any phone with a battery less than 3000mAh from 0-100%. It’s a shame that this portable charger doesn’t boast fast charge, so your phone will charge really slowly.

In the Box

Unboxing the product, is a relatively simple and quick thing to do. I couldn’t even find the manual at first, until I realised that it was inside the little paper pouch, in a similar fashion to Apple’s start up guides. The colour scheme is consistent, with Anker’s significant blue and white scheme, there is nothing new here. The box is also nothing to shout home about either.


I have used this power bank for the past 3 days, and so far, I haven’t been able to find the exact efficiency of this battery, but I have been able to get around a full charge and then some more juice for some emergency. I will do a much more in depth testing section in my full review.


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