Becaso 6ft Lightning Cable Review

Becaso 6ft Lightning Cable Review


Disclaimer: Becaso kindly sent out this cable for me to honestly review. The cable came in a nice packaging, and for £7, it is to be expected when you are buying a cable.  Taking out the cable, it is long, at 1.8m/6ft, providing plenty of length for those that love to use their phone on their bedside. The cable overall is very well built, and it doesn’t look like it is going to break any time soon.

In The Box And Testing

Unboxing the product is obviously very simple. No manual is included, perhaps to save costs, although it is acceptable due to the mere fact of this being a cable. The charging speed is all fine.

In terms of flexibility and how premium it is, the build quality is many times that of the cable you get with your iPhone. The cable bends to how want it, and the metal mesh around the cable protects it, and keeps the cable in that bent position. I will update this review if something goes wrong in that specific case.

One gripe I had with this product was the part that plugs into your phone. It’s quite heavy duty, too big in fact, that I had to take my case off which has a decent cut out, in order to plug this in. Apart from that major complaint however, I have had no problems in my five days of usage.

Availability And Specs

You can purchase this cable from Amazon for £8/$9 here:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

The specs I really don’t feel are necessary, as the cable is 6ft, and it is stated on Amazon that it fits almost all cases, mine unfortunately not included. The cable is Apple certified, for those wondering.

Pros And Cons


  • Very affordable
  • Made with premium materials, bend span not stated
  • Really long length cable


  • The part that plugs in my case is too large to fit in my case,
    and others with small cut outs.

Final Verdict

The cable by Becaso is well worth the buy if you are looking for a long cable, that is safe and premium. However, make sure that your cases’ cut out for the charging port isn’t so small that the cable won’t fit, be wary of that. Besides from that issue, I would definitely recommend this cable to a friend.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.


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