Nuibier RGB Projector Lights Review

Nuibier RGB Projector Lights Review


I was kindly sent these lights in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. These lights to start with, have certainly blown my expectations, with everything made with metal, and the lights projecting nice and far. The projector comes with a good, functional remote, that may not be as well built as the projector, but still has good range. You can control 7 colours, and a variety of modes, making this perfect for parties.


This is part 2 of the RGB lights that I was reviewing in the last post. In my testing of this device, I have found that the stand it comes with is below standard. I can’t really get it to bend how I desire, as the legs don’t like to move from their original position. I like how the remote included works from very far ranges as well, since many of the similar products i have reviewed, had very poor range.

The same colour scheme in a sort applies, there are only 7 colours you can actually choose from, which is quite dissapointing. Although, the clours displayed as purple for example are just a mixture of the two colours, and although they work well, it is clear that the lights are displaying blue and red mixed together.

Another gripe I had with this product is the fans. For some reason, the fans would have a funny whine to it, and I constantly wonder why these lights require a fan. Anyway, for the average marketed consumer, this won’t be a problem, since it is presumed that you will use this in loud events, so the fans won’t even crop up as a problem to you.

The final touch Nuibier added which I thought was cool is the water effect. There are three different modes that you can use, to control the speed of the ‘wave effect’ that is created. It turns out to be quite relaxing looking at the rippling effect.

Availability And Specs

This item is only available for purchase in the United Kingdom, for £18 here:

Amazon (UK):

The specs can also be found below:

  • Power Supply: AC100-240V ,50Hz-60Hz
  • Adapter: DC5V/1.5A
  • Power:9W
  • Ocean Wave Light Colour: 7RGB Colors
  • Product Size: 13.8*12*8.8cm
  • Play Modes: Sound Activation / Auto-mode/Flash-mode
  • Lighting distance: 4-5 meters
  • Lighting diameter of 2-3 m

Pros And Cons


  • Really affordable
  • Good lighting range
  • Lights get nice and bright
  • Relaxing looking at the wave effects
  • The remote has some options to control the wave speed
    and has good range


  • The lighting options are a combination of the Red, Blue And green colours
  • The fans make unusual noise
  • Why are there fans on some lights?

Final Verdict

To conclude this review, I would definitely recommend these lights, to anybody who loves the convenience of mounting a projector anywhere in the disco situation. Make sure that if you are buying this to bear in mind of the fans.


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