Nuibier RGB Projector Lights Impressions

Nuibier RGB Projector Lights Impressions


I was kindly sent these lights in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. These lights to start with, have certainly blown my expectations, with everything made with metal, and the lights projecting nice and far. The projector comes with a good, functional remote, that may not be as well built as the projector, but still has good range. You can control 7 colours, and a variety of modes, making this perfect for parties.

In The Box

Unboxing the product, you get a relatively boring box; so something that doesn’t really shout premium at your face. You get given a manual, a removable 5V DC Power Cable, the projector, the 7 colour remote and a stand that can be screwed on. There is a handle on te projector, making it very easy to mount onto something.


In my testing of this device, I have found that the stand it comes with is below standard. I can’t really get it to bend how I desire, as the legs don’t like to move from their original position.

(This is just the first impressions/prevuew of the full review, which will be out tommorow. There is just too much to cover in one review without it being too long and cumbersome to read a 600 word + review.)


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