My Setup 2017 (Reviewed)

My Setup 2017 (Reviewed)

My setup as at the moment isn’t complete , as I need to add a few more things, but nevertheless, here it is. I have of course recently built my own PC, replacing my clunky laptop that was previously powering IdealReviews. I will include links to absolutely everything I can find that is still available, or the latest versions of that individual product.


I will move from left to right in the products.Firstly, I have the desk. It measures in at 200cmx60cm, providing more than enough room for all my work, my PC, and PS4. It is the IKEA Linnmon desk, (£20), and the two ALEX Drawers from IKEA (2x£50). The drawers provide more than enough space to store miscellaneous items such as my PS4 controller. In the background of the desk, I have the Tenlion RGB Lights which has been discontinued, although I will link a similar product down below (£13).

Time for the items on the desk. Firstly, I have probably the oldest item on display in the pictures, and that is my OG PS4, bought at launch for £350 in 2013, but the original PS4 has of course dropped significantly. The console sounds like a washing machine, drowning out the silent PC to the far right, soon of which will have a graphics card. Next I have my Blue Yeti microphone (£90), used to commentate over audio whenever I need, and acts as a microphone for my PS4.

Before I move on, let me address my world class cable management. Me and my dad spent a few hours of our day perfecting the setup you see before you. I simply got a cable duct from the nearest utilities store, drilled some holes, mounted the duct, and routed the cables. The white cable duct obviously means that it won’t stand out, along with the surge protector from Orico (£26), with 5 full speed USB ports to charge multiple

Before I switched to using my PC, I had my laptop to power the setup. The exact model has unfortunately been discontinued. My keyboard is the GranVela Z77 (£40), my mouse is discontinued, and I use the Forito Extended Mouse Mat (£10). The monitor you see I have reviewed in quite some detail and it is the Samsung T24390 Monitor (£150). To the right again I have my 4 way USB 3.0 Hub from Anker (£11). Finally, I have my PC, which the build review can be found here.

The Amazon List to all the products listed on this post can be found here:

Amazon List (Setup Parts):

I have had plenty of fun of making this twist of a post, and it also took more time than usual to make this, so if you could share this, that would be much appreciated.


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