Terris 5200mAh Powerbank Review

Terris 5200mAh Powerbank Review


It has been a while since I have done a powerbank review, but here is another review on one from Aldi. This product is very smooth to the touch, I noticed, which is good for overall grip since a powerbank is presumably meant to be used outside of your home.There are two cables that are built in to the power bank, one USB for charging, and one micro-USB cable.


What i have found with this product is unfortunately it’s low efficiency. From my 3 weeks of usage, i only managed to get 1.2 charges on my iPhone 6s (1715mAh), which is quite appalling, from the 5200mAh capacity. There are two USB ports at the front, one of them are 2.1 Amps (Normal Charge speed) and the other at a measly 1 Amp(Really slow charging). It took an hour longer to charge my phone than using Apple’s wall charger.

Overall, this product is not worth the buy, other than for pure convenience, and if you drive to Aldi, is for £10. You literally cannot find this anywhere to buy online, which is why I would definitely not recommend this product to buy.

Pros And Cons


  • Very versatile
  • Built in cables
  • Extra ports
  • Cheap


  • Awful efficiency
  • Really bad charging speed
  • (all of above, negatives outweigh the positives)

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, this is in my wall of shame, when it comes to failed attempts at products, and i highly advise, if you come near this product, take some consideration if you want to buy it.


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