Windows 10 For £20?

Windows 10 For £20?

Windows has been out for quite some time now, and since August 2016, you have to now pay for a windows 10 key. However, in the day and age that we are in, there are many reliable and safe ways to get windows as low as £20, from, more specifically, this link:

Instead of paying in excess of £90, you can get the latest and greatest from Microsoft for just £21 from Kinguin. There are places on the web where you can get windows for even cheaper, although that is the only place I know of where you instantly get sent the email with your windows key, and I can confirm that they are legitimate keys. You get the key, go onto the official windows website and get the installer (free of charge) onto your USB drive.


You must make sure, however, when searching for a different version of Windows, there must be the ‘Worldwide’ notice on the OEM key you decide to purchase. This certifies that the OEM key is eligible for countries outside of the U.K and U.S. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.

If you buy the OEM keys (cheaper), you are essentially saying that you are the manufacturer of the computer you are installing it on, which should be fine for most people. Although, if you try to make hardware changes to your PC a few years down the line, and try to contact Microsoft for assistance with activation, they won’t really help you. Paying an extra £20 for a retail key should be considered, if you are nervous about installation of Windows, which hopefully you shouldn’t be.


OK, So I Have The Key, Now What?

Once you have the 25 digit key sent you via your PayPal email address, you follow this link to Microsoft: Simply read what motherboard you have and then install the 32 or 64 bit media tool to your USB. Then before booting your PC for the first time, plug the drive in, and boot from the drive. You will be provided with information on installation and where to install Windows. You get sent an image of the key, not by text, so you know it’s not some random guy abusing an MSDN account.

That’s all there is.


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