iPhone SE, 9 Months Later

iPhone SE, 9 Months Later

 The iPhone SE currently still provides much of the latest iPhone 7’s features, at a fraction of the price. It is officially listed on the Apple website at £359. With phones getting bigger and bigger, the SE cuts the trend by having a screen size of 4″. Getting used to the phone takes some time, and typing is definitely not the best experience in comparison to the 6s, my daily driver.


Design, Specs And Camera

In comparison to the iPhone 7, the iPhone SE offers the specs of the iPhone 6s in a very small body. At the end of 2016, there aren’t many high end phones in a small body. Most flagship companies offer smaller phones, but with lower specs, and more importantly, an inferior camera. Many people had demanded a full on flagship phone in a small body, and there just weren’t any around. Sony is the only manufacturer to have previously attempted anything like this, but even its Xperia Z5 Compact has a not compact 4.6-inch screen and it’s on the thicker  side of phones.

In terms of design, it is not original to say the least. Anybody who has used the iPhone 5/5s will know how comfortable the phone is without the curves the latest generation of iPhone s rocks. You can easily reach all four corners of the phone without feeling that you are going to drop the phone. Looking at the back, it looks the exact same as the 5 and 5s, with the glass top and bottom sections.

The camera is the exact same as the iPhone 6s, with a 12MP sensor and with 4K recording at 30 Fps. The camera, no joke , is literally identical to the 6s. The difference between Apple’s latest to the iPhone 7 is noticeable, but only side by side. As I use my iPhone 6s as my daily driver, it is a different experience using the SE.  Finally, may I note what many phones don’t have anymore, which is a flat camera, enabling the phone to sit flush on a table, that of which in 2016, is becoming increasingly rare.


You can currently find the iPhone SE brand new off eBay for around £300/$430:

UK: http://ebay.eu/2iF2TUQ
US: http://amzn.to/2ihU9r3

As for my regular reviews, as it’s the christmas period, deliveries have come to a stand still, so for now, I will have to post a different kind of review if that’s OK.


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