SilverCrest Bluetooth Speaker Review

SilverCrest Bluetooth Speaker Review


These speakers for £50 pack a punch from a relatively unknown brand. They provide adjustable Bass, Treble, and of course volume, for those that like to listen to a variety of sound signatures. The speaker connects via Bluetooth, albeit with not very good range. The sound quality isn’t the absolute best for the price, but considering how loud it gets and that you can change the bass and treble signatures, that shouldn’t be that much of a deal breaker. The speaker is quite heavy unfortunately however, making it non ideal for transport.

Sound and Battery

In terms of sound, it’s average. The sound is quite hollow at times, and it comes with adjustable sound signatures, which is a real bonus. The speakers get extremely loud, with two 10W speakers. The range is around 20ft in my testing, which is not at all far. After that distance, the sound starts to break which isn’t at all good. The battery life on this speaker is around 4 hours, which for a non portable speaker is OK. The speaker is heavy, at 6kg, which again makes this product immobile, at least practically. The buttons are great, and are really premium for the price. You can connect via AUX cable, however no cable is provided.

Availability And Specifications

This speaker is unfortunately no where to be found. However, I can link the specifications to you:

  • 2 x 10W speakers, with Bluetooth® functionality for cordless audio playback and control from up to 10m away
  • With 2 powerful rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for up to 4 hours of music on the go
  • Bass and treble control dials give you full control over your music
  • 140cm power cable for mains operation and battery charging.
  • Size approx. (cm): H23.5 x W36 x D23

Pros And Cons


  • Really loud speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Adjustable sound signatures
  • 2x10W speakers
  • Affordable


  • Hollow sound
  • Not portable at all
  • 4 Hour battery life
  • 20ft range


So my final verdict on this speaker is that they are OK. The speakers get extremely loud, so for that I will highly recommend to anybody who needs loud music, but doesn’t want to take the speaker anywhere with them. As the speaker is not portable at all, that is a real drawback to anybody who likes to travel often.



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