Vipmoon RGB Submersible Lights Review

Vipmoon RGB Submersible Lights Review


Vipmoon have kindly sent this product out for me to honestly criticise in my review. Firstly, there are unfortunately a few things wrong about the product, which I will go over in detail later in the review. The lights come included with a remote, and no instruction manual. Vipmoon haven’t decided to put in 3 AAA batteries, so I had to get some AAA batteries, just to make it work. You can submerse the lights in water, mainly to put into a vase with flowers, or even a water jug. I have had no problem with the remote and controlling the lights while they are under water.

My Experience With The Lights

Now, unlike the pictures displayed, the lights float in water, which is really an annoyance. You can remedy this by sticking Velcros on the other side of the lights and sticking to the bottom of the vase. However, after a while, the lights would still float upside down. Opening the lights up, you have to insert your own 3xAAA batteries to them to get them to work. How this makes the lights’ waterproofing not work as well could be an issue, but it does state that you need to seal tightly in order for the lights to be

The remote functions very well, and is a 16 colour remote, with adjustable brightness. The lights do look stunning however, which is the bright side of this product (pun not intended). There are 10 LED’s, those of which get very bright, and reflect off the water very beautifully. It’s just a real shame that the lights have to float upside down in the water, otherwise this would be a very promising product

Availability And Specifications

Currently, the Vipmoon RGB LED’s are available from Amazon for the price of £7.50/$9. Prices are always changing, and I will try my best to update this review if prices change.

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

Pros And Cons


  • The lights get very bright
  • Remote functions well
  • Adds flare to any vases around your living space


  • 3xAAA batteries not included
  • The lights float in water, which really takes away from the user experience


My user experience with this product has been OK at best. The lights display beautifully, and the remote functions like a dream. However the drawbacks really pull this product down. Vipmoon haven’t included batteries, and the lights float in water! The point I’m guessing is to not have the lights upside down in the vase. Unless, of course you have many flowers in your vase, that of which won’t be an issue to you.

Hopefully this review was helpful in contributing to your buying decision. All feedback is much appreciated.


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