Niceker PC RGB Lights Review

Niceker PC RGB Lights Review


If you are looking to glamorise your PC without breaking the bank, right now this is hands down the best option. I have almost no criticisms with these set of lights, as they really surpassed my expectations. They come packaged with a Molex cable, which is really the only thing I could complain about, as connecting a Molex cable is quite cumbersome. Installation was very easy; all you have to do is connect the lights to your PSU, and plug in the lights. It would have been nice for Niceker to include some sort of manual, but then again, if you have built your own PC like I have, chances are you will know how to install the lights.

In The Box

The packaging is very simple. Included, you get a power brick, Male Molex connector, 2 sets of LED lights, a 4 pin extension cable, and a remote. It would have been nice for Niceker to include an instructional manual, as I said earlier. The lights are 3M foam, so they will stay on your PC for quite a while.


The Lights And User Experience

Exactly what I said when I turned these on for the first time. It may seem as if I am exaggerating these set of lights, but these lights are really bright, brighter than anybody would expect for some lights that cost £14. There are 9 settings of brightness, and there are 16 individual colours to choose form. These may not be anywhere near the amount of colours that some PC RGB Lights get to like the NZXT Hue+ (16.8 Million Colours), but then again, those cost £50.

The remote works well, and it should work from anywhere around your room, (as long your remote is pointed at the IR receiver). The IR receiver can be obtrusive; it would have been nice if there was a way to not just make it a wire hanging down. The lights are smooth and the two strips of LED’s are more than enough to illuminate your components.If Niceker were to redo this product, I would add more colours to the remote, and maybe include a user manual.

Availability And Specifications

All the lights that I have been reviewing have only been released in my country for some peculiar reason, You can get the Niceker PC RGB Lights from Amazon, for £14. That and an alternative to the lights will be linked:

Amazon (UK Model Only):
Amazon (US Alternative):

The specifications can be found below:

  • Led Type: 5050 SMD LED
  • LED lights with extension cable:500 mm
  • 4 Pin Male and Female Connector
  • Single lamp size: length * width * thickness:300 * 10 * 3 mm
  • Input volts: DC 12V

Pros And Cons


  • Really good price
  • Lights get very bright
  • Remote functions well
  • Installation is relatively simple
  • 9 settings of brightness


  • Installation manual not included
  • Only 16 colours total

Final Verdict

There is literally next to nothing I can can criticise about these lights. If you have built your own PC, and want RGB lights for an extremely cheap price compared to competitors, then definitely go this. However, these lights being only £14, you obviously won’t get many of the features that more expensive lights provide, like software altering, more control and customisation. If I were to recommend anything, it would undoubtedly to include more colours and an instruction manual.

  • I would love to hear what the audience have to say about my reviews. If you have any criticisms about my reviews, feel free to comment or contact me.

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