Corsair CX450M Review

Corsair CX450M Review


So far I have been very impressed with the Corsair CX450M. From the unboxing to the quietness, it provides you with a good package. This PSU doesn’t get louder than your case fans. I purchased the model with modular cables, as I wanted a clean setup for now, and I plan to upgrade more things later on. Installation was very simple, as you can just slide it in the PSU slot in my NZXT S340 case. Being a Semi-Modular power supply means aside from the two motherboard connectors 1x 24pin and 1x8pin, which at your convenience can be split in half if your motherboard only requires a 4 pin connector. All the other cables can be plugged in when you need them which makes installation and cable management really simple.

In The Box

As you tear open the Amazon box, inside you are greeted with a nice black and yellow accented box. Then the PSU is protected in some bubble wrap, along with all of the peripheral cables:

  • Main connector 24 pin ATX
  • 1x 8pin cpu power connector (8pin/4pin)  1x PCI-express cables (8pin/6pin ) (I currently don’t own a graphics card)
  • 6x Sata connectors
  • 4x peripheral 4pin molex style connectors for drives/fans etc.
  • 2x floppy connectors (I won’t be needing )

You also get an instruction manual, and some cable ties to deal with the behemoth of cables that you are now going to have to deal with.

Availability And Specifications

The Corsair CX450M can be purchased off Amazon for £52.99, and if you need more than a 450W PSU, Amazon also sell the 750W (£69.99), 600W (£50.49), 500W (£49.00) models. You can purchase from here:

Amazon (UK):

Amazon (US):

Pros And Cons


  • Semi modular
  • The cables are black, so no ketchup and mustard cables to put up with
  • Remains relatively quiet
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 4/8 pin cables can be split


  • Quite pricey

Final Verdict

Asides from the price tag, there is nothing that I could fault about this product. Corsair makes sure you are provided with a power supply that is quiet, efficient and one that will last you a good while. This PSU is semi-modular, so you can achieve a clean, well cable managed PC.


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