Omoton iPhone SE Screen Protector Review

Omoton iPhone SE Screen Protector Review


This is the second part of the bundle that came with the Omoton iPhone SE Case. I was kindly sent this by Omoton. Initially, I wasn’t expecting much, but for £6.99 you are getting outstanding value for your money. You get two tempered glass screen protectors rated at 9H hardness, which own their own would have costed much more from any other company. The fact that it’s made of tempered glass is great, as it results in fewer scratches and more durability overall. Since I didn’t need them, I decided to a scratch/ shock absorption test to see how it would survive.

In the Box

For this dirt cheap price, you are getting detailed instructions, and plenty of stickers to help guide you with installation.  If that’s not enough, you get an LCD wet cleaning cloth to top it all of. The box is very plain, with on one side featuring “2x Screen protectors.”


Firstly, I decided to test out realistic scenarios by dropping my keys on to the screen protector, and it did nothing. Then I got my sharpest keys and attempted to leave a dent of some sort, but the screen still wouldn’t budge. However, when I applied such force, I later found out that it made what I like to call micro scratches. These are the sort of scratches that are only visible under certain lighting conditions, but in no way are they removable. I even got a knife and scratched the surface with it, and some considerable force, and I got the same sorts of micro scratches.

Finally, to finish the glass off, I hit it with the corner a metal ruler multiple times, to see if the screen protector would budge. Unfortunately, even though it took multiple hits before cracking, once it cracked, you could easily hit the screen again and you would have several cracks.

Availability And Specifications

The Omoton Bundle that comes with 2x tempered glass screen protectors and a TPU case, is only £6.99 from Amazon and can be purchased here:

Amazon (UK Only):

The specifications for this product.. well it’s a screen protector what do you expect?

Pros And Cons


  • Really good value
  • Affordable at £6.99
  • Tempered glass
  • Really good installation guides
  • Comes with 2x screen protectors


  • “Micro scratches” were present after scratch test
  • Not that shock resistant (If were nit-picking)


My final verdict on this screen protector is that it provides so much for a dirt cheap price. The fact that your getting 2 tempered glass screen protectors, along with a stylish case, means that I can undoubtedly recommend this product to you. However, if you really want no micro scratches, and better shock resistance, then perhaps this screen protector isn’t the one for you.


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