Month: December 2016

2016 For IdealReviews

2016 For IdealReviews

So, 2016 has come to an end. To conclude the amazing year I have had, let me share a bit more about why I decided to create this website. For all those reading this, I sincerely hope that you have a great start to 2017. It’s been 3 months since I started this website, and I am very pleased in how it turned out. Overall, there have been many changes to my website. I have made a total of 56 posts as of today.

Let me explain the reason why i made this website. As a hobby, I would always do research on products, primarily tech products, and during that time, I gathered a decent amount of knowledge to actually share it to other people in the form of reviews. “How was I going to do it? ” I thought to myself.

Then it hit me, that i could make a website dedicated to reviewing products that i love.That’s really how it all started. Since I started, all of my views were from the UK, but as i progressed, added more things to the website, I started to get found by other people interested in tech reviews, and now people from many countries visit my website everyday. I really love seeing that people actually take time out of their day, to read my reviews.

My most popular review, surprisingly, is the Samsung KU6400 TV Review, which at this moment has amassed 250 views ( a lot for me) within the short period that I have been regularly reviewing.logo

By the way, I apologise for this not being a regular review; it’s the end of the year, and i wanted to finish it off in a special way. I have many goals for 2017, and I am confident that i will surpass them. I hope all you readers out there have a happy new year.

iPhone SE, 9 Months Later

iPhone SE, 9 Months Later

 The iPhone SE currently still provides much of the latest iPhone 7’s features, at a fraction of the price. It is officially listed on the Apple website at £359. With phones getting bigger and bigger, the SE cuts the trend by having a screen size of 4″. Getting used to the phone takes some time, and typing is definitely not the best experience in comparison to the 6s, my daily driver.


Design, Specs And Camera

In comparison to the iPhone 7, the iPhone SE offers the specs of the iPhone 6s in a very small body. At the end of 2016, there aren’t many high end phones in a small body. Most flagship companies offer smaller phones, but with lower specs, and more importantly, an inferior camera. Many people had demanded a full on flagship phone in a small body, and there just weren’t any around. Sony is the only manufacturer to have previously attempted anything like this, but even its Xperia Z5 Compact has a not compact 4.6-inch screen and it’s on the thicker  side of phones.

In terms of design, it is not original to say the least. Anybody who has used the iPhone 5/5s will know how comfortable the phone is without the curves the latest generation of iPhone s rocks. You can easily reach all four corners of the phone without feeling that you are going to drop the phone. Looking at the back, it looks the exact same as the 5 and 5s, with the glass top and bottom sections.

The camera is the exact same as the iPhone 6s, with a 12MP sensor and with 4K recording at 30 Fps. The camera, no joke , is literally identical to the 6s. The difference between Apple’s latest to the iPhone 7 is noticeable, but only side by side. As I use my iPhone 6s as my daily driver, it is a different experience using the SE.  Finally, may I note what many phones don’t have anymore, which is a flat camera, enabling the phone to sit flush on a table, that of which in 2016, is becoming increasingly rare.


You can currently find the iPhone SE brand new off eBay for around £300/$430:


As for my regular reviews, as it’s the christmas period, deliveries have come to a stand still, so for now, I will have to post a different kind of review if that’s OK.

SilverCrest Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review

SilverCrest Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review


I decided since that my other selfie stick broke, that I would buy another one from SilverCrest. Lidl’s website appears to not work for anybody living in Europe, and the store doesn’t even exist outside of Europe. The stick is very well built, with a primarily aluminium construction. With the stick, you also get an included power bank.


At only 2600mAh, you aren’t going to get a full charge out of most phones, but in my testing I managed to get around 1.2 charges on my iPhone 6s (1715mAh), which is still good, considering that the power bank attaches to the stick, by a simple twist. The powerbank is also where you control how the picture is taken, with a camera button, and 4 LED indicators to show how much battery is left. The fact that i was getting this for £10 blows my mind. The stick is nice and light, that is if your phone isn’t heavy.


The stick can be adjusted, but not as long as I would have liked. You can lock whatever length you want by simply twisting the aluminium pole clockwise, meaning that you won’t have any problems with the stick changing lengths. You can fit any phone that isn’t above 6.0″, but if you have a really big case, then you’re phone may not fit. The fittings of this stick was where I had my main gripes. It is really hard to fit even an iPhone 6 in there, which is a shame as most phones nowadays exceed 5.0″, making it for the average customer quite hard to install their phone on.

Availability And Specifications

This is currently not available from anywhere at the moment, as the Lidl page is currently under maintenance.

The Specifications can be found below:

  • Price: £10
  • Length: 0.5m-1.2m
  • Battery: 2600mAh
  • Range: 7m
  • Phone size max.: 6 inches

Pros And Cons


  • Really premium stick
  • Comes with built in battery
  • Range is better than expected at 7m


  • Hard to put phone in
  • The length in my opinion is still a tad bit too short


This Bluetooth selfie stick really does give so much for the price of just £10. It’s a real shame that you can’t buy this online, and that you can only get this specific model online. The stick is very premium, and if you can find it anywhere, then I would definitely recommend, if you love to take selfies.


Building My First PC

Building My First PC

So, if you haven’t noticed the influx in PC Part reviews on my website, then here’s my explanation if you haven’t caught on. I’ve built my own (first) PC. What’s it like building your own PC? Well, it’s easier than the general public think. Whenever I tell somebody that I built my own PC, people think of me as some sort of computer genius for doing so. Although, despite the general consensus, you don’t really need that much knowledge to build it. Stuff goes into other stuff.header_01

How PC Building Is Getting Easier

Recently, more than ever, the chances of you messing up your build are really low, even for an inexperienced rookie. There are sites like PCPartPicker, which suggest parts in whatever price range you are looking for, and tell you if all of your parts are compatible or not. There are 100’s upon 100’s of videos on YouTube to help guide you with your first build, and what you should buy.

Planning Out Your Build

Some tips would be to plan out your build. Think what you need your PC for. If you need your PC for 4K video editing, then you will definitely will need to invest into a better CPU, but if you are building a PC for gaming, then you should spend more towards the video card. DON’T go straight into your build as well, make sure the reviews are good, and that you are getting the best price on the internet, which PCPartPicker does for concept

What was it like for me? It wasn’t hard. With the plethora of YouTube videos out there to help me, it didn’t take more than a few hours to build. All you need is literally a Phillips Head screwdriver, that is, only if you are taking the simple route of PC building. But as a novice, custom water cooling seems extremely out my reach, however, with time, I will maybe think about doing one.

Building The PC

With the tutorials out there, it’s pretty hard not to find a good, in depth tutorial on YouTube to help you out step by step, and in fact, after watching a few tutorials, you start to feel like you know what you’re doing. PC parts go into the motherboard. Everything plugs into something. It’s as simple as that. A little research to get yourself familiar to an inside of a PC will help significantly.

Finally I will end this post with some building tips. One thing you must take into account is not to rush, and to be careful of static. If static gets onto your components, that could potentially fry parts of your computer. So, just to be careful, discharge static onto metal such as your case, or even use an anti-static wrist strap, if you really want to go to the extreme. In regards to your PSU, make sure you are getting at least an 80 Plus bronze certified PSU. Don’t forget to make sure you enjoy every step of building your first computer, as it is generally a lot of fun.