Verbatim Wireless Mouse Review

Verbatim Wireless Mouse Review


Verbatim’s attempt at a mouse is what has been my driver for the past two years. And I haven’t had to change the battery out. Back then, I mainly purchased things through shops, in this case at the airport for £18. I wasn’t expecting much out of this mouse, although arguably, I never found a good enough reason to upgrade. The mouse works perfectly, only if it is on a mouse mat though, as the product doesn’t like to respond on hard surfaces.

Battery Life

Throughout the time I have been using this mouse, I haven’t had to replace the AA batteries once. However, take note that I always switch the mouse off after use. In terms of sensitivity, there has been no noticeable deterioration in the Verbatim’s sensitivity. So if you were to constantly leave the mouse in, you should expect around more than a few months. I would recommend that you turn the mouse off after use, to prolong battery life.


The design of the mouse is relatively ergonomic. However, don’t expect it to suit you if you have huge hands. The mouse is designed ambidextrously, so if you’re a lefty, there’s no problem there. The mouse scrolls well and connects via a dongle which you plug into any USB port on your PC.  The mouse is very small, which is perfect for to use as a travel mouse.On the bottom of the mouse you can turn the mouse on or off, and a small groove to remove the AAA batteries.

Availability And Specifications

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this mouse absolutely anywhere, so I’ll link some options that you may like if you would really like to buy this mouse.

Amazon (UK):

Amazon (US):

The specifications cannot be found anywhere on the internet, which is a rare disappointment.

Pros And Cons


  • Affordable
  • Great battery life
  • Compact form factor
  • Great for travel
  • Relatively ergonomic
  • Ambidextrous


  • Doesn’t work on hard surface
  • You can’t find this mouse anywhere at the moment

Final Verdict

I would highly recommend a mouse similar to this due to it’s amazing form factor and affordability. The battery life is exceptional, and is ambidextrous for leftys. The gloss on the top however doesn’t attract noticeable fingerprints, and as you won’t be looking at it, fingerprints shouldn’t be an issue. What is an absolute shame is that you as the customer won’t be able to purchase this.



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