MOFRED iPhone SE Screen Protector Review

MOFRED iPhone SE Screen Protector Review


Initially, I was looking for a good iPhone SE screen protector, and came across the MOFRED iPhone SE tempered glass screen protector. For under a £1, I was quite hesitant in buying it, but all I heard were good things about it, and it doesn’t disappoint. The protector fits very well around the phone, and installation for the price was great. For under £1, you shouldn’t really be expecting full blown instructions similar to the Anker Screen Protector which I reviewed earlier. You get a wet wipe, and a dust removal sticker so you can make sure no dust gets in between the display and the screen protector.


Experience and Installation

My experience with this screen protector has so far been top class; the screen protector is relatively scratch resistant, and passed my test with flying colours. The tempered glass itself is 0.3mm thin and from the pictures above, you should have a rough idea of how the screen protector will look on your phone.

The installation process for this screen protector was what was lacking overall. There weren’t any detailed instructions or tools to help you install your screen protector, which is a corner cut by MOFRED in order to keep the price under a pound. Nevertheless, I managed to fit it on properly. Take note that the screen protector covers the front camera and sensor, but in my usage hasn’t been affected.

Availability And Specifications

This screen protector is available off Amazon for only £1 and isn’t unfortunately available in the US. They can be purchased from here:

Amazon (UK Only):

The product adds a negligible amount of weight to your phone, and is 0.3mm thick.

Pros And Cons


  • Fits very well around the phone
  • Extremely affordable
  • Relatively scratch resistant


  • Installation isn’t provided with instructions.

Final Verdict

Don’t let the dirt cheap price put you off. It performs exactly like a screen protector that would cost in the £5-10 region; you’re paying for perhaps some installation tools provided for example with the Anker Screen Protector. I would definitely recommend to a friend if that person doesn’t mind going through some tedious installation processes.



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