Benq GL2760 27″ Gaming Monitor Review

Benq GL2760 27″ Gaming Monitor Review


Benq’s attempt at the very low end of budget gaming with the GL2760 is top class. This monitor defines why Benq is in the top 3 companies to go for when deciding to buy a gaming monitor, low end or high end. Firstly I managed to find this off Amazon for just £130. For a 27″ Monitor. The size though, as good as it is, lacks some clarity because the resolution is in 1080p.



My experience with this monitor may not be considered as valid as my other reviews, mainly because I don’t know what to look for in a monitor, the panel is a TN panel, which means that the colours won’t be reproduced as accurately compared to other monitors. Benq claim that the response time is 2ms, which would have been correct if the monitor wasn’t 60Hz refresh rate. So the response time is around 17ms, which for normal use will be more than enough.


The ports of the monitor are conveniently placed underneath the monitor facing down, which is great, because it makes your life 10 times easier when it comes to cable management. There is a DVI-D port, Optical Port, HDMI and a 3.5mm headphone jack, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Availability And Specifications

I am only going to link the cheapest way to get these products available.The GL2760 can be found on Ebuyer for £130 or from Amazon in the US for $169 here:

Ebuyer (UK):
Amazon (US):

The specifications are as follows

Item Weight 5 Kg/12.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 21.6 x 64 x 48.8 cm
Item Dimensions (Non-Imperial) 8.5 x 25.2 x 19.2 inches
Colour Glossy Black

Pros And Cons


  • Amazing price, budget friendly at under 150.
  • Large screen
  • Well placed ports
  • Great Contrast


  • The large screen means that the clarity isn’t the best
  • Glossy Finish

Final Verdict

This monitor by Benq is top class quality at an extremely low price. For under 150 for a monitor you are getting fast response time, and a huge 27″ display. I would definitely recommend this to anyone or a friend looking for a budget or entry gaming monitor that provides the best bang for your buck.


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