Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones of 2017

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones of 2017

2017 is less than 3 months away, so here are the Top 5 Smartphones you should be looking forward to of the year ahead.

5. Sony Xperia X Series


The Sony Xperia X Series is coming in at 5th place. This phone is expected to have a very sleek design following the later models the Sony Xperia Z5 model. As we all know that Sony’s smartphones are deeply engulfed in the waterproof market for smartphones. This new smartphone as you can tell is going to be waterproof which you can already guess.

This phone would be a very good purchase for someone with a smaller budget. I personally would love this phone for the fact of its high-end finish. The phone is very sleek and is still in the size range of its competitors, the iPhone 7s and Samsung Galaxy S8.

What we expect the phone to have:

  1. 30 MP camera
  2. 6GB RAM
  3. Android 7.0
  4. Snapdragon 830 processor


4 . HTC 11


HTC is one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world. This is why they always hit the market with unique ideas to please there customers. If you experienced or saw a review on the HTC 10 you would be able to remember how good it was, so what can you expect from this futuristic looking phone. HTC have made a big jump from the flagship phone the HTC 1o. The phone should now have 24 Ultrapixels from the flagships smaller 12 Ultrapixels. The only problem is this phone is not expected to be waterproof.

Unfortunately you have a while to wait to get your hands on this phone. This phone has sights in coming onto the market in August and September 2017.

What we expect the phone to have:

  1. 24 UltraPixel camera
  2. 6 GB RAM
  3. Android Nougat 7.0
  4. 4300mAh battery
  5. Snapdragon 830 processor


3. LG G6


Coming in at 3rd place we have the LG G6. This device looks very professional sticking to the most common but most liked shape and design of a phone. The LG G6 is looking to be LG’s biggest flagship device following the LG G5. LG have always scheduled there launch’s  of their devices in the first quarter of the year so we can expect to see this on the market around February or March. As we have seen in the past LG have focused their devices on the camera. So with the G5 having an amazing camera we can expect LG to pack an extreme camera into their new smartphone.

The phone is going to be great for someone who wants to take great pictures but to also look professional in the smartphone they are holding in their hands. With the amazing display it will be crisp and sharp.

What we expect the phone to have:

  1. 26 MP 4K supportable camera
  2. 5 GB RAM
  3. Snapdragon 830 processor.
  4. UHD display – 4K


2. Apple iPhone 7s/ 7s Plus


In 2nd place is the Apple iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. As we know Apple released 2 new smartphones in September 2016. We saw from them a pretty similar design from the iPhone 6 flagship devices. But we were all amazed and relieved by apple when they finally released a phone with water resistance so all we can do is expect a better water resistant capability from the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

I would highly recommend to put this on your list of smartphones to think about getting next year.It is going to look amazing, feel amazing and perform like a cheetah. I have to have a fast phone, currently I’ve got the iPhone 6s and even to this date I cant doubt it from its high speeds and easy to use UI so I cant wait to see what this new phone has to offer.

What we expect the phone to have:

  1. 3GB RAM
  2. A10 chip processor
  3. IOS 11


1. Samsung Galaxy S8


I’d never thought I’d say this but the Samsung Galaxy S8 has come in at 1st place. As you can all guess there had to be a Samsung phone in the Top 5 somewhere and there’s not a better place for it to go than in 1st. Samsung look greatly forward to the release of this phone, because it will make up for their failed phone the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. People are guessing that Samsung will implement a fold-able display or will just continue with their unique design the EDGE. We are looking to see less bezels and the best specifications yet. This phone may have 2 variants one with an Exynos processor and one is rumoured to come with a Qualcomm’s SD 8875.

This phone is a must get with is massive display, fast processor and amazing features from a camera.

What we expect the phone to have:

  1. Android 7.0
  2. Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 8875 processor
  3. 6GB RAM
  4. 4K, screen 5.5-inch.


This is my own opinion of what i think the best 2017 smartphones will be. All the pictures are mock-ups and rumoured specifications.



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