Rhinoshield CrashGuard For iPhone 6/6s Review

Rhinoshield CrashGuard For iPhone 6/6s Review


The CrashGuard for iPhone 6/6s can be summed up with in one sentence, “Amazing protection, while showing off your iPhone”. This case boasts drops from up to 11.5 feet, and from the drop tests I have seen, ( I’m not going to risk dropping my phone) this seems to have held up well. The case may seem pricey for some, at £18/$25. But after installing this bumper, believe me when I say that you money will have been spent right.

In the Box

The packaging is quite up there, with Rhinoshield’s black and yellow theme. In the box, you get the bumper, a guide on installing the bumper, which is very clear. You also get a back of phone protector too, which the guide does cover. You will also find a dust removal sticker and a microfiber cloth.


The case features a new polymer plastic blend, which according to Evolutive Labs, accounts for 90% of the absorption in this bumper. There is a protective honeycomb structure, which adds even more protection. If that’s not enough to convince you, the bumper boasts compartments of pressurised air, which act like air bags. Although, all these features would be useless, if they don’t perform. And they exceed everyone’s expectations by miles. Good job.img_0056


Time to go into detail about the drops. Evolutive Labs claims it absorbs impact from up to 11.5 feet. The case has a lip to cover the front screen and aluminium back, so if your iPhone lands on the face, the screen doesn’t actually touch the floor, unless you throw your phone at a rock or corner. Now I can’t risk my personal phone being destroyed, so I’ll let the video shown on the Rhinoshield website demonstrate how amazing this bumper is:

Pros And Cons


  • Amazing protection
  • Slim Profile, adds little bulk at just 2.5mm thin around your phone
  • Clicky pass through buttons
  • Has lip to prevent the screen touching the surface.
  • Easy instructions to follow
  • Ports can easily be accessed


  • A bit pricey at £18/$25
  • Is a bit hard to remove the case


The Rhinoshield bumper is available from Amazon at £18/$25 here:

Amazon (UK): http://amzn.to/2eHgnjZ
Amazon (US): http://amzn.to/2f0NoWz


This case has satisfied my need for a protective case, while showing off the back of my phone, and I have a feeling that it will fill your need for one as well. If you can get over the price tag, then this is a must buy. Would 100% recommend to a friend.


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