Samsung 55″ KU6400 TV Review

Samsung 55″ KU6400 TV Review


This KU6400 TV is what you can call budget. At just £749, for a 55″ TV, with HDR, this is the TV to really get consumers into 4K.  It has a beautiful design, and is relatively sleek, but that is now the standard for 2016. But if the upwards of £1000 price tag puts you off, believe me when I say that this is worth it. By no means is it perfect though, and there are some noticeable corners cut by Samsung. For one, this TV’s weak point is definitely the remote.

The buttons are very mushy and hard to press, unlike Samsung’s higher model, which provide some innovative additions like in the volume up and down buttons.img_0004


The KU6400 has all of the regular features of a SMART TV, nothing new here. The TV features a slightly outdated version of Tizen, this may be the specific model that I got, but I am unsure they all run the same version of Tizen OS. Press the Smart button on the remote, you will be presented with a simple, easy to understand interface. I have to admit, it isn’t as good as the higher models’ OS, but for £749, you aren’t missing out on much.

You have access to BBC iPlayer and other British streaming services, and if you live in the US, then you will find Hulu and HBO. img_0012

Ports And Remote

The KU6400 features 4 HDMI ports, which are all facing the side. Some don’t appreciate the fact that it faces the side, since that increases accessibility. Even on TV’s that cost upward of £3000, you can find that the I/O is facing towards the wall. For example if you wanted to use an outdated version of Chromecast, or anything with a long dongle, that is only natively possible with the HDMI ports facing the user. Asides from that, there is access to a built in receiver, which means you could use Freesat or any other satellite service, which is a big plus as most TV’s don’t include that.img_0007

With the remote, this is probably the biggest gripe I have with this TV. It is the same remote that Samsung has been using in all of it’s TV’s with no refresh since 2009. Within that time, even for the low end 4K TV’s, Samsung should be able to provide all the latest TV’s with a newly designed remote. If you own any other Samsung TV, you will know the pain.


Availability And Specifications

This TV is available of Amazon for £749/$1482 here:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

The full list of specifications for this product would be too long, so instead I’m going to list the dimensions and weight only:

  • Product Dimensions: 124.3 x 6.3 x 76.4 cm ; 17 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 25 Kg

Pros And Cons


  • Budget TV
  • Great price to performance
  • Great picture


  • The remote needs a refresh and has horrible buttons
  • The OS is slightly outdated

Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a budget, entry 4K TV, I recommend this to be on your list of TV’s to consider. The TV has great 4K picture and of course has great connectivity to the internet. This TV is more of the bare bones of a 4K TV, which is Internet access and 4K picture.


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