Is the iPhone 6s Still Worth It?

Is the iPhone 6s Still Worth It?

So is the iPhone 6s still worth it? With the launch of the iPhone 7, the £539/$649 base price may not appeal to everyone. 2015’s release of the iPhone 6s will now go down in value, and still offers new features like 3D Touch and even better still, it has a headphone jack, yes, you heard me right.

The iPhone 6s can now be purchased from the apple store for £499 and the 6s Plus for £599, and from Amazon for a few pounds cheaper.

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If you have an iPhone 6 and you are debating whether you should get an upgrade you should ask yourself this: What do I get by upgrading my phone? Do the higher specs, 3D Touch and the Rose Gold colour mean much to me? If the differences justify you selling your iPhone 6 and buying the 6s, then go for it. However, if you are coming from an earlier generation of iPhones or any other phone made before 2014, then the iPhone 6s will definitely keep you pleased while keeping some extra cash by not buying the latest iPhone.

iPhone 6s VS iPhone 7


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The iPhone 6s and 7 may both have a 12MP rear camera, but the iPhone 7’s definitely takes it up a notch. There is now real OIS instead of digital Optical Image Stabilisation, resulting in much less shaky video, and no more blurry pictures. If you want to big with the 7 Plus, then you get two camera lenses, with digital zoom. This means that you can zoom in with the telephoto lens to retain clarity while zooming in.


You may think that the iPhone 7 has stepped back in terms of sound; the 3.5mm headphone jack being missing. However, Apple have added stereo sound. Meaning now if you step up with the iPhone 7, you will get louder audio playback coming from the speakers from the bottom and the front. Still, no headphone jack. If that’s a really a deal breaker for you, purchase the iPhone 6s.

Water Resistance

This is quite a big difference in that the iPhone 7 is the first to have IP67 water resistance. However, if your used to your phone not being in water, then even this new feature may not be much for you to upgrade.


I don’t think, in my opinion, having the latest iPhone is important in 2016. The differences between the two for many won’t be enough for the extra money needed. Hopefully this article has helped you decide whether you need the 6s or the latest in Apple’s line up.

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