Nexlux RGB Lights Review

Nexlux RGB Lights Review


DISCLAIMER: I was sent these lights for free in exchange for my honest review.
These lights at first glance may appear like every other set of RGB lights that you find on Amazon. Take another look and it’s another story. Instead of your usual 5m LED strip, you get 4 sets of 50cm strips. I like this step towards a sense of innovation. In the box, you get 4 light strips, connected by 4 4 pin connectors. The lights connect by USB, which is a plus, since it adds to the cable less look one may be trying to achieve. However, what I didn’t find appealing was the receiver being integrated. So, you don’t have some wire to play about with in order to easily display the receiver.

These feel like a more premium kind of lights, since the circuits aren’t completely exposed like other lights, and are instead covered with a transparent rubber, which I think will prolong the life of the lights. Unfortunately, there are no instructions included, since there is more installation required, that isn’t good news.

In the Box

Inside the box, you find 4x50cm lights, a flimsy remote, three extenders, I believe and 4 pin connectors. From this picture you can see that the receiver is not like the picture as advertised which is a shame. Like I said, you get no instruction manual, so if the product were not to work for instance, I wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s the installation that went wrong or the actual lights themselves.


Now there are a fair amount of negatives to these lights. The remote packaged is like all the other RGB Strip remotes, except this has horrible range. After around 6ft or so, the remote’s commands just don’t apply to the lights. Sometimes, the lights randomly turn on and off which is a real negative. These two things alone make it almost impractical to use in a living room for example. Also, the lights being only 2 Metres total, it wasn’t able to completely go around my 55” TV. For the £14 that it costs, you can get a longer 5 metre strip.



These can be purchased for £14 and aren’t available in the US, which is a huge market that isn’t being tapped into:

Amazon (UK)

The lights are 222g in weight and the box measures 14.5 x 14.5 x 3.3 cm. There are altogether 120 LEDs ,4 x 50cm (19″) LED Strips.

Pros And Cons


  • Water resistant design
  • Affordable
  • USB input to avoid extra cables


  • The receiver doesn’t function as promised
  • Unreliable lighting, turns off sometimes
  • Range of remote is extremely short
  • Unresponsive remote
  • Very short overall at 2m
  • No instruction manual

Final Verdict

These lights have better competitors. Go for them, since these do not deliver as expected. My main problem was the remote range, since the sofa is much more than 6ft away from the TV. If you’re looking for some good, reliable RGB lights for your TV, I suggest looking elsewhere.




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