Sony XB600 Review

Sony XB600 Review


Extreme Bass. The XB600’s are only for bass heads. That’s the aim for Sony’s XB line of headphones which stand for ‘Extra Bass’. These headphones take bass to a whole new level. I could spend days talking about how they completely rattle your skull, and if you take the headphones off, then you can feel the bass coming from your music. I am a person who loves the Hip-Hop genre, so when I heard these were a thing, I quickly gave Sony my money.

The bass is just so overpowering, that the vocals are affected greatly because of this. So if you are somebody who isn’t a big fan of muted vocals, then I would highly suggest looking elsewhere. Anyway, I digress. The headphones have a perfect mix of affordability and premium build, for £70. The headphones are made with plastic and plush, leather pads to comfort your ears. These are slightly different than your usual headphones as they just lay flat on your ears. The headphones fold up easily, and swivel 90 degrees for portability.


Like I said, these headphones are purposely made for bass heads, so treble is left behind, meaning you won’t be getting a balanced sound and the vocals will sound more tinny than usual. The mid frequencies are also sacrificed for extreme bass. Although, your opinion about the extreme bass will vary, but for me, it’s like a party inside my head, and I like it.
However, the headphones are really bad at keeping noise in, because of those beefy 40mm drivers and the poor sealing on these headphones.


Availability And Specifications

These headphones are available on Amazon, for £70/$99:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

The headphones themselves weigh 220g and come with 2 40mm drivers, which are responsible for pushing out that extreme bass. The headphones have tangle-free flat cables, which is good for travel.

Pros And Cons


  • Extreme bass
  • Good for Hip-Hop
  • Great portability
  • Flat non tangle cable


  • Only appeals to those who like bass
  • The vocals and mids sound muted compared to other headphones.

Final Verdict

I’ve said it once, and I’m going to say it again, these are for people who love bass. The XB600 will satisfy that kind of person. If you are into extreme bass like me, then these are a good candidate for under 100. I would highly recommend to any bass head.


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