The Best RGB Strip For Under £20?

The Best RGB Strip For Under £20?


Now, here is some change on the website instead of your average review. Now in the box, you find 5m of RGB LED Strip wrapped up into a coil, an adapter, rgb receiver,IR input a 44 key remote and 1x user manual.The just£13 or $14, this is a great way to improve your setup. You can choose between many modes using the IR Remote prepackaged with the lights. It adds some colour and some personality to your room, and will definitely get you some stares whenever somebody enters your room. The result should look similar to the image above. The lights have 8 settings of brightness depending on your choice on how bright you want your room to be.

And don’t worry, it won’t blow up cough Note 7 cough.

It can turn your bedroom from dark and boring, to lively and exciting. Not much else can be said about these lights, and yes, I know this was a short review, but I decided to add some change to the mix.


The specifications for these lights aren’t very detailed, but they were the best I could find:

  • Circuit Type: IC
  • It use the best quality of fuse,is highly-resistant to short circuits,more safe.
  • Easy to use,equipped with tape and fixed cassettes,more firmly.
  • 20 different colors(including white and warm white)
  • 5M non-waterproof led strip, Electric current: 3A


These are becoming very popular among the the tech community, and happen to be available in many price ranges. However this version is only for £13 or $14 from Amazon:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (US):

A short review, I know. But these really are an amazing buy for under 20.


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